Best-in-class corrosion protection and color durability

The Granite® HDX colour coating is organic and is applied immediately after galvanisation. This guarantees perfect adhesion of the coating and a very uniform layer thickness of 55 μm, This ensures long-term protection in aggressive environments. Available in the aesthetic colours RAL 6009 and RAL 7038.

What is
Granite® HDX?
Technically and aesthetically, Granite® HDX is the
best-in-class product range of pre-painted steels.

Enduring and robust pre-painted steel for harsh weather conditions or aggressive environments with RC5 (corrosion resistance category) certification, the best-in-class corrosion resistance category according to EN 10169.

Colours remain stable and attractive, even in the coldest northern climates or the most sun-drenched southern countries with RUV4 (UV resistance category) certification, the best-in- class UV resistance according to EN 10169.

Highest level of rust protection (RC5)

Classified RC5 – the best-in-class corrosion resistance category under EN 10169 – Granite® HDX ensures a durable construction.
The product has been fully tested by experts under extreme corrosion and weathering conditions. Tests have been conducted both in the laboratory, and at outdoor exposure sites across the world.

Highest level of UV resistance (RUV4)

Granite® HDX is rated RUV4 – the highest UV resistance category according to EN 10169. That means the Granite® HDX paint system will maintain its colour and gloss over time, even in the most extreme climates.

High scratch resistance
(40 N)

High-performance paint system which allows shape-freedom thanks to the excellent flexibility of the polyurethane paint. Scratch resistance is assured by the grained surface of Granite® HDX.

Excellent forming characteristics (1.5T)

Granite® HDX can be processed by cold roll-forming, bending, or deep drawing without damaging the top surface.

Extremely reliable and durable

Available in colour

As standard in light grey (RAL 7038) and dark green (RAL 6009)

Sustainable: as part of ArcelorMittal’s Nature Collection, Granite® HDX does not contain any harmful substances and complies with current and future European Union REACH regulations. It also addresses the challenge of sustainable construction labels with an Environment Product Declaration (EPD).

The EPD provides guidance to designers who wish to comply with sustainability labels such as BREEAM in the UK, LEED in the USA, HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) in France, A+ certification in France for low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission according to the most demanding European regulations and many others.

Granite® HDX

The best-in-class product range of pre-painted steels

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