Store manure in a modern way

We provide a complete solution for manure storage! Double-sided Granite® HDX panels, patented M12 bolt set
and dedicated equipment.

Guarantee of quality and reliability for years.

BUCON has implemented
ground-breaking innovations on
a well- known concept and can offer the best and cheapest solution.

Granite® HDX

Best protection against rust (RC5) and RUV4 UV protection Perfect for the aggressive manure environment.

Strongest connection

Patented M12 bolt set with bolts cap provides 2x stronger connections and fewer bolt sets per tank.

Additional equipment

Each Bucon tank can be additionally equipped with a mixer, (Un)Loading station and
a floating cover.

Longest warranty

Up to 15 yrs warranty on the construction of every BUCON tank!

Granite® HDX

Dedicated both sites panels coating
for manure environment!
Chromate free organic colour coating.

The BUCON colour coating is organic and is applied immediately after galvanisation. This guarantees perfect adhesion of the coating and a very uniform layer thickness of 55 μm. This high-quality coating ensures long-term protection in aggressive environments.

Why you should chose Granite® HDX? 
Highest level of rust protection (RC5), Highest level of UV resistance (RUV4), High scratch resistance (40 N), Excellent forming characteristics (1.5T), Extremely reliable and durable, Available as standard in light grey (RAL 7038) and dark green (RAL 6009).

Get more informations about coating with RC5 and RUV4 protection!

Strongest connection

The patented bolt set design!
The strength of the tank construction is determined by the steel quality, corrugated profile and bolt sets.

The bolts and rings of BUCON tanks have the same shape as the corrugation of the steel sheets. This achieves a much larger contact surface with the sheets. As a result, the tensile strength that the connection is able to handle is twice as large as with normal bolts. The BUCON bolt sets also ensure faster assembly as they cannot continue running.

In the Bucon design, these parts have been improved:
S350 GD steel quality, which is stronger than usual, The corrugated profile is increased from 18 to 20 mm, which makes our tanks considerably firmer and more rigid, The patented bolt set can handle a much greater tensile strength and provides twice as strong a connection

For manure tanks, the bolt sets has an additional nut protection.

Get more informations about bolt sets

Additional equipment

Choose equipment and start using the tank
The Bucon manure tank can be equipped with a floating manure cover, mixer and (Un)Loading station.

Bucon supplies its tanks with equipment that allows you to start using the tank almost immediately after its assembly.

Floating cover: made of durable PVC or LDPE material, with a venting system and an inspection entrance for the top submerged mixer.

Manure mixer:
an mixer that can cope with slurry even in large diameter and high tanks. The mixer has a paddle guard to protect the floating cover.

(Un)Loading station:
200mm/160mm line for emptying the tank from its central location. Safety valve and two brass valves: 4 "and 6".

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