Prevent evaporation, the growth
of algae and contamination

High temperatures can accelerate algae growth in the water, especially if residues of fertilizers are still present in the water. For smaller tanks (up to about 6 meters) we use tensioned covers. When the tank is bigger than that we normally use a floating cover. Floating covers can also be delivered in a completely closed version to prevent that anything from outside reaches the water what is storedin the tank.

Tensioned cover

Simple, yet effective in algae control

Tensioned anti-algae covers for Bucon storage tanks are a very good, cheap and easy to install solution.

They are made from a woven fabric and come with stainless steel eyes and a rope to mount them to the tank. They are suitable for tanks up to about 6 meter.

When using a reinforcement in the middle what is attached to the sealing (when the tank is placed inside) they can also be used for bigger tanks.

  • Prevents growth of algae
  • Produced from woven Polypropylene, with a doubly reinforced hem
  • Equipped with stainless steel eyes
  • Mainly used  for smaller tanks (up to 6 meters)
  • Easy assembling / deasembling
Floating cover

Easy and payable, floating anti-algae coverage

This cover is a double layer material with air pockets that makes the cover float on the surface. Very easy to install and usable for any size of tank.

Deliverable with weighted bags for wind protection and available in the colors black/white, near black and transparent.

A cheap, simple and strong solution to cover Bucon tanks.

  • Prevents growth of algae
  • Reduces evaporation of water
  • Reflecting UV radiation (reduces water warming up)
  • Available in any size
Closed floating cover

100% results in algae control

This cover is used when it is essential that nothing from outside reaches the stored water in the Bucon tank.

Delivered with a drain system to remove rain water. Perfectly wind-resistant and available for larger tanks.

  • This fully closed floating cover prevents pollution and growth of algae
  • Delivered in FPP 0,60 mm
  • Separates the water almost completely from outside air
  • Is windproof
  • Provided with sufficient preinstalled vents and drain hose

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