The patented galvanising method for corrugated steel tanks available exclusively from BUCON

Never before have corrugated steel tanks been so well protected against rust. 

Studies at various universities have clearly shown that 3% magnesium provides greatly improved corrosion protection compared to other products on the market.

That is why the BUCON tanks have a unique Magnelis® galvanising layer that includes 3% magnesium and 3.5% aluminum in addition to zinc. Magnelis® offers the best available protection against rust, even under the most challenging conditions.

What is Magnelis®?
Magnelis® is an exceptional metallic coating which provides a breakthrough in corrosion protection. 

The S350 GD steel is galvanised on both sides to provide protection against rust. The steel’s corrosion resistance is not only determined by the thickness of the coating, but also by the composition.

Thanks to its unique composition, Magnelis® provides an unprecedented level of surface and cut-edge protection, even in the most hostile environments. Magnelis® is produced on a classic hot dip galvanising line, but the molten bath has a unique chemical composition including zinc, 3.5% aluminium, and 3% magnesium.

The superior corrosion resistance of Magnelis® has been demonstrated in accelerated laboratory testing and proven through outdoor tests

Salt spray and cyclic corrosion test results highlighted the superior performance of Magnelis® compared to other metallic coatings.
No red rust was observed on steel with a 20 μm coating of Magnelis® after 34 weeks of salt spray testing. Magnelis® offers a real advantage over post- galvanised steel.

Zinc runoff rate* 1 g/m2 per year

The application of a Magnelis® coating ensures the preservation of natural resources as it uses significantly less zinc than pure zinc coatings. Magnelis® also reduces zinc runoff* to soils.

Magnelis® is 100% recyclable and does not contain any harmful elements. It is REACH compliant and an environmental product declaration (EPD) is available.

The production of Magnelis® also has a lower environmental impact compared to other highly durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminium.

* the rate of dissolution of Zinc washed from its surface - by falling rain water - into the external environment.


Never before have corrugated steel tanks been so well protected against rust.

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